Divorce & Separation

8 July 2011

Are "shot-gun" civil partnerships responsible for the rise in dissolutions?

Celebrations are continuing in New York where, later this month (24 July 2011) it will be possible for same sex couples to marry in the state of New York for the first time following the state Marriage Equality Act coming into force.

Connie Atkinson

29 June 2011

No such thing as a common law

Contrary to common belief, there is no such thing as a common law husband or wife in England, and the remedies available to separating cohabitants are far more limited (and complicated) than those of divorcing couples. Unmarried couples have to rely on a mixture of property and trust law when trying to prove an interest in a family home which is not registered in their name.

Connie Atkinson

27 June 2011

Kluge debt? Get advice fast!

The story that Patricia Kluge, who was once known as “the wealthiest divorcee in history”, has declared herself bankrupt has underlined the importance of receiving joined up legal and financial advice not only upon divorce but also on an ongoing basis.

Connie Atkinson

23 June 2011


Research by Divorce Online indicates that an increasing number of unreasonable behaviour divorce petitions refer to the Respondent spouse spending too much time playing video games, which is clearly indicative of the fact that, compared to say 10 years ago, the use of video games and the internet are far more widespread.

25 May 2011

A matter of trust...continued

If ever a reminder were needed about the wide ranging powers and discretion of the English court in divorce proceedings, it came yesterday in the Judgment given by the Court of Appeal in the case of Whaley.

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