Could signing a Pre-nup increase your inheritance?

11 March 2011

Recently published research has indicated that some parents are reluctant to leave assets to their married children when they die because of the risk that their child’s spouse will be entitled to a part of that inheritance if they later divorce.

Those parents consulted want to ensure that their family’s wealth is protected. They have indicated that, if prenuptial agreements were binding in the UK, they would be more likely to provide for their married children in their Will, safe in the knowledge that gifted assets would remain an asset belonging to their children and would not fall into the hands of their spouse.

According to the research, one in four parents do not believe that their children’s marriage will last and this has prevented them from the inheritance tax planning that they otherwise would have undertaken.

We are receiving an increasing number of enquiries about prenuptial agreements and also give advice on tax/inheritance planning through the generations.

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