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Kingsley Napley are publishing a series of blogs to celebrate Pride and to raise awareness about the issues facing LGBTQ people in our communities.

3 July 2019

Ban on gay and bisexual men giving blood is lifted, but there’s still work to do

The ban on gay and bisexual men giving blood was introduced in 1985, in response to the HIV and AIDs crisis impacting on the gay community. At the same time, techniques for testing for HIV were not as advanced as they are now, so it was felt it was simply too risky for gay and bisexual men to give blood. Despite there being significant advancements in HIV testing, unfortunately there are still limitations with gay and bisexual men giving blood.

2 July 2019

Pray the gay away: cull conversion therapy worldwide

Whilst Pride month is a time to celebrate, not everyone feels able to do so. There are people across the world, including in the UK, going through conversion therapy also known as reparative treatment.

Sameena Munir

1 July 2019

More rainbows, but also more hate crime: why Pride is still so important in 2019

We are marking each day in the week leading up to London Pride with a blog highlighting LGBTQ+ issues from home and abroad.

Emily Elliott

17 May 2019

Two thirds of LGBTQ people still being harassed at work: IDAHOBIT is a timely reminder of the work that still needs to be done

On this day, over 130 countries around the world draw attention to the various forms of discrimination and violence that the LGBTQ community continue to experience. It serves as a reminder each year of the work which is still needed to achieve LGBTQ equality.

Stephen Parkinson

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