Property litigation

22 March 2018

Revisiting Res Judicata

When issuing proceedings to recover possession of property from a trespasser, a property owner will also often want to include a claim for mesne profits, these being the damages for use and occupation of the property. However, there may be circumstances where such a claim is not pursued at the same time and, instead, the priority is simply to obtain an order for possession as quickly as possible. 

24 January 2018

Time’s up! When does “late” become “too late” to make an application for provision under the 1975 Act?

The decision in the case of Sargeant v Sargeant [2018]EWHC 8 Ch was handed down last week. The Court held that the widow of a farmer was too late to make an application for reasonable financial provision from her husband’s estate; having made the application more than 10 years after the grant of probate was obtained. 

Laura Phillips

12 January 2018

Supreme Court goes back to basics in negligent valuation claim

The Supreme Court has gone back to basics in its approach to the assessment of damages in a claim involving a negligent valuation. 

Jemma Brimblecombe

1 February 2017

Are you a “responsible” host? Airbnb enforces 90 night annual limit for London hosts

Since its launch in 2008, Airbnb has gone on to be one of the defining figures in what has come to be known as the “sharing economy”. But with this increased presence and power, comes greater responsibility and Airbnb are under increasing pressure to uphold and also enforce current laws regulating the short-term rental market. 

Brooke Glover

18 August 2016

Everything must go?

The benefits of a publicly owned Land Registry should not be underestimated by solicitors, regardless of specialism, writes Mary Young

Mary Young

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