Image rights

7 April 2015

Robin Williams' brand protection – tax efficient way to protect publicity rights in the afterlife

Robin Williams was an outstanding actor and comedian who broke new ground with his characters and films. News of his suicide in August 2014 shocked the world and, eight months after his death, he is still making headlines as detail of the Robin Williams Trust emerges. 

Sameena Munir

10 February 2014

The not so ‘Gleeful’ side of Trademark Infringement

Fans of the global cult phenomenon, ‘Glee!’ (the hit US series) may be upset to learn that Twentieth Century Fox has just lost its’ battle with The Glee Club, who claim that the popular programme had infringed its’ trademark. 

Laura Phillips

20 August 2013

Using Rihanna’s image – “we found love”?

We discuss the image rights of celebrities in the context of the recent Topshop / Rihanna case

8 August 2013

Image Rights - big business in sport

Image Rights can be lucrative, and for some sports personalities and clubs, the most valuable source of revenue. However, unlike in some countries, the UK has no recognised or defined legal right in law for a person to protect their image. As a result, sportsmen and their clubs frequently seek to use other legal tools to exploit Image Rights.

Ryan Mowat

15 November 2012

Guernsey to introduce new image rights law

Q: What do James Bond, Ant & Dec, the Mobot, the Spice Girls and Usain Bolt’s signature arrow pose all have in common?

A: Shortly they may all be registered on the world’s first Image Rights Register in Guernsey.

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