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10 August 2016

What regulators regard as dishonest – more than you would think!

Of the ten dental professionals removed from the General Dental Council’s register in the first two months of this year, half were investigated over allegations of dishonesty and found to have behaved dishonestly in certain respects.

Julie Norris

3 August 2016

Addressing the suicide risk of doctors under investigation: the GMC take action

Complaints made to the GMC can take around six months to investigate and far longer to resolve if there is to be a fitness to practise hearing. Studies have shown there may be a link between the stress of these proceedings and a higher suicide rate amongst doctors. The GMC has launched two new pilot initiatives designed to reduce the impact of investigations on doctors and to speed up the process of dealing with complaints. 

Rebecca Ryan

2 August 2016

Court rejects argument that actions which can be obviously detected rebut a finding of dishonesty

Jenyo v General Medical Council [2016] EWHC 1708 (Admin)

12 April 2016

Case update: High Court reaffirms Fitness to Practise Panels have a duty to support unrepresented registrants and are not bound by determinations on sanction by differently constituted panels

Zahra Hussain v General Pharmaceutical Council

[2016] EWHC 656 (Admin)

This was an appeal to the High Court against the decision of a Fitness to Practice Panel (the Panel) of the General Pharmaceutical Council (the Council) in respect of a number of factual findings which had resulted in a direction for Zahra Hussain (Ms H) to be erased from the Council’s register.

Rebecca Ryan

9 March 2016

ICAEW takes a dim view of failure to comply with an investigation

The ICAEW has, in recent disciplinary cases, emphasised its strong stance on members who fail to comply with its disciplinary investigations. In three recent distinct cases brought against ICAEW members Mr Andrew Richard Nicholson FCA; Mr Alan George Kent FCA; and Mr David John Gillespie FCA, the decisions handed down reflect the ICAEW’s viewpoint that a failure to provide information when requested by the regulator will not be tolerated.

Julie Matheson

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