Brexit: UK Sport

From horseracing to horsepower and everything in-between, the UK is home to a myriad of sports employing foreign nationals and receiving investment from overseas companies. Our series of blogs looks at the impact of Brexit on sport in the UK and all who are part of it.

30 July 2018

Could Brexit send Geraint Thomas into a spin?

On July 7 2018, 176 marvellous men on their cycling machines set off on the 3,351 kilometre slog that is known as the Tour de France. And at the end of it – after 3 impossibly gruelling weeks  -  a Welshman, Geraint Thomas, stood in triumph on the Winner’s podium! British riders have, of course, now won the Tour de France six out of the last seven times. But hanging over this year’s edition, at least for this British cycling fan, was the realisation that this is probably the last Tour pre-Brexit, and so there is an additional level of uncertainty about what the 2019, post-Brexit edition, will look like.

Laura Vignoles

29 March 2018

A change of course? Pondering the future of golf in Brexit Britain

As avid golfers focus their attention on the US Masters in Augusta Georgia next month, many at the 19th Hole will be pondering the impact of Brexit on their beloved game.

21 March 2018

Brexit: Does it signify a crash for Formula 1?

Although Formula 1 is seen as an international sport, with races taking place from Australia to Germany, there are 7 out of the 10 teams racing in the 2018 season based within the United Kingdom. The Formula 1 season begins in Australia with the first race taking place on 25 March 2018, as we gear up for the first “And its lights out and away we go …” of the 2018 season, we explore whether Brexit will have an impact upon the future of Formula 1 within the UK as we know it. 

Amicie Knowles

14 March 2018

Brexit: Tackling the issues of EU withdrawal

In just over a year’s time, shortly after the conclusion of the 2019 Six Nations, the UK could be plunged into a withdrawal from the EU without a deal on our future relationship with our nearest neighbours secured. Brexit has had, and will continue to have, many unforeseen consequences.  Some commentators have said that, rather than expanding arguably the finest rugby competition, Brexit could trigger a reduction in the number of teams competing in the Six Nations. This is the second in the series of a number of blogs looking at how Brexit may impact on UK sport.

5 March 2018

Brexit: A racing uncertainty

After football, horse racing is the second biggest spectator sport in the UK.  Thousands flock annually to the two biggest jewels in its crown – the Cheltenham Festival in March and Royal Ascot in June.  The racing industry supports thousands upon thousands of jobs, not just in the actual training, running and keep of the horses, but also, for example, in the betting industry both online and on the high street. This is the first in the series of a number of blogs looking at how Brexit may impact on UK sport.

Jane Keir

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