Brexit: Immigration

10 February 2017

Brexit: home & away

Those who have chosen to make the UK their home deserve greater transparency about their position, as Katie Newbury explains that here is nothing in the plans set out so far which suggests an immigration system incorporating EU citizens would be any less restrictive or more welcoming - and that we do know that any deal to secure the rights of EU nationals in the UK would be contingent on an agreement with the EU27 guaranteeing reciprocal rights for British citizens.

Katie Newbury

25 January 2017

Brexit - what French nationals in the UK need to know

Theresa May still says that Article 50 will be triggered before the end of March. If that happens, the UK will be out of the EU by April 2019. It’s looking increasingly likely that it’s going to be a hard Brexit or even a chaotic Brexit. In those scenarios, sooner or later the UK will end free movement for EU citizens. French people who have made the UK their home want to know what to do.

Kim Vowden

24 January 2017

Brexit – ce que les Français au Royaume-Uni doivent savoir

Theresa May continue de dire que l'article 50 sera déclenché d’ici la fin du mois de mars. Si cela se produit, le Royaume-Uni sortira de l'UE avant avril 2019. Un Brexit dur ou même un Brexit chaotique semble de plus en plus probable. Dans ces cas de figure, tôt ou tard le Royaume-Uni mettra fin à la libre circulation pour les citoyens de l'UE. Les Français établis au Royaume-Uni doivent savoir quelles démarches entreprendre pour pouvoir rester en toute confiance.

Kim Vowden

12 December 2016

The EU Data Protection Directive on Police and Criminal Justice Cooperation – BREXIT Impacts for the UK?

As the UK edges closer to a decision on how it will leave the European Union, so all institutions in the UK are examining what the departure might mean for their practices and business models. The Information Commissioner’s Office, responsible for personal data protection, has begun an information campaign addressing business and third sector bodies about the steps which they must take before the EU’s general data protection regulation becomes effective in May 2018 (which may not be that long before the UK actually leaves the EU). 

Elspeth Guild

24 August 2016

Brexit and the position of children born to European nationals living in the UK

Following the UK’s referendum in June on its membership of the EU, many European nationals are concerned with their future immigration status in the UK once Brexit takes effect. Equally, some are considering the status of their children and whether they are able to register them for British citizenship or apply for a British passport. In this blog, we outline the law relating to this, which may help you determine the status of children born to European nationals living in the UK.

Jessica Jim 詹穎怡

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