Brexit: Immigration

11 July 2018

Blackberries, Baking and Brexit

Fruit is one of my favourite things about summer, and as a keen baker, I can safely say that there’s nothing quite like local, home-grown berries for enhancing a cake. But could Brexit be threatening to take away even these simple pleasures?

Josephine Burnett

8 November 2017

#Brexit: Latest proposals for EU citizens living in the UK

The British government has published a technical note setting out its proposed administrative procedures for EU citizens living in the UK – and their family members – who want to stay on after Brexit. 

Kim Vowden

12 October 2017

Free movement is our right. Don’t give it up.

More than a year after the EU referendum we’re still hearing the same arguments from both sides. Leavers, including the current government, have interpreted the result as a vote for ending the free movement of EU citizens because of concerns about wages and public services. Remainers focus on staying in the single market and say that free movement is the price we have to pay. 

Kim Vowden

27 June 2017

The offer: questions remain as to what Theresa May’s proposals mean for EU citizens living in the UK after Brexit

Last week, Theresa May announced her political offering to European leaders in Brussels on how she will deal with EU citizens living in the UK post Brexit. Yesterday, the government produced a document:  The United Kingdom’s Exit from the European Union, which provides more detail on the PM’s approach and offering to EU citizens. 

Jessica Jim 詹穎怡

23 June 2017

Lessons we still haven’t learnt – a year on

It would seem that Theresa May has a flair for the dramatic these days.  An out of the blue, snap election. Announcing her opening gambit on the rights of EU citizens on the eve of the anniversary of the referendum. Presenting said opening gambit in vague terms and making anxious EU citizens wait over the weekend before presenting the detail in a subsequent position paper the following week. 


Katie Newbury

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