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18 July 2017

Brexit - Divorced but still family

Last month, we attended the Brexit Conference organised by the International Association of Family Lawyers (IAFL) and Resolution: “Does Brexit really mean Brexit for Family Law?”.  We were hopeful that the expert panel of speakers would shed light on the unknown darkness of the international family law world post Brexit.  As one of the speakers remarked, the English family lawyer has just about got to grips with the various European Regulations relevant to our practice (primarily Brussels II revised and the Maintenance Regulation) and we are now entering the unknown.  

Claire Wood

11 July 2017

Dublin, Paris, Frankfurt – Five things to think about before agreeing to work abroad

What would you do if your employer asked you to relocate? This blog offers some suggestions to employees – and some pointers for employers trying to anticipate employees’ questions.

Juliet Carp

30 June 2017

#Brexit and foreign affairs: International Sanctions Bill proposed

Ensuring that the UK “makes a success of Brexit” was the key theme of the Queen’s Speech 2017 (21June).  It included eight bills to deal with the major constitutional and legal changes required as the UK leaves the EU.

Rebecca Niblock

30 June 2017

Theresa May wants EU criminals out; following Brexit it may become more difficult to remove them

Monday's announcement on the rights of EU citizens in the UK post-Brexit carried the headline grabbing statement that the Government will “apply rules to exclude those who are serious or persistent criminals and those whom we consider a threat to the UK”. 

Rebecca Niblock

27 June 2017

The offer: questions remain as to what Theresa May’s proposals mean for EU citizens living in the UK after Brexit

Last week, Theresa May announced her political offering to European leaders in Brussels on how she will deal with EU citizens living in the UK post Brexit. Yesterday, the government produced a document:  The United Kingdom’s Exit from the European Union, which provides more detail on the PM’s approach and offering to EU citizens. 

Jessica Jim 詹颖怡

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