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24 August 2017

#Brexit: Lords examine financial regulation and supervision

The House of Lords EU Financial Affairs sub-committee has launched an inquiry into the future of financial regulation and supervision following the UK’s departure from the EU. 

23 August 2017

Brexit and cross-border divorces: Judicial co-operation and the special partnership

The Policy paper "Providing a cross-border civil judicial cooperation framework - a future partnership paper" published by Dexeu on 22 August is a welcome indication that the Government understands some of the issues we, as international family lawyers, are concerned about for our clients. The stated “new, deep and special partnership” with the EU is something Family lawyers are keeping a close eye on; we have expressed concern as to how divorce, maintenance and children disputes will work post-Brexit for international families with interests in the EU and the UK. We live in a world where people regularly relocate for work purposes and family reasons. We all know families comprising British nationals and EU citizens who now face an uncertain future from an economic, immigration and personal perspective. The uncertainty of how the law will support them is putting international families under pressure as they are making decisions about their residence and employment following the referendum. 

Claire Wood

23 August 2017

Brexit and relocating with children overseas – mind the immigration and family law gaps

According to the Office of National Statistics, over a quarter (27.5%) of live births in England and Wales in 2015 were to women born outside the UK. It’s reasonable to assume that a number of other births were children with foreign fathers. What will happen to such families comprised of EU citizens when Britain leaves the EU? 

Stacey Nevin

8 August 2017

Implications of GDPR and new Data Protection Bill for employers

Data protection legislation rarely leads the 10 o'clock news. It was with great media fanfare, however, that the Government announced the new Data Protection Bill yesterday. This Bill represents the most comprehensive evolution of data protection rights in 20 years. The heart of these new rules is European through and through. The Data Protection Bill will essentially mirror the provisions of the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which employers will be obliged to comply with in any event.

James Murray

8 August 2017

New reporting regulations for sanctions breaches now in force

New regulations which expand the scope of the reporting requirements set out in existing UK financial sanctions statutory instruments have been introduced. 

Rebecca Niblock

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