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18 April 2019

NHS Resolution now covering claims against GPs: Possible benefits to patients

Since 1 April 2019, GPs have been covered by the government’s insurance scheme. This means that clinical negligence claims against GPs relating to NHS work will now be handled by NHS Resolution. In this article, Christopher Boughton discusses why this will hopefully benefit patients.

Christopher Boughton

14 March 2019

Drinking tea may be bad for your unborn baby’s health

This was the conclusion of a recent study done by researchers at University College Dublin which showed a consistent link between both coffee and tea caffeine and adverse birth outcomes. Given that some estimates put the number of cups of tea consumed daily at 165,000,000, this may come as something of a shock to a lot of pregnant women.

Aideen McGarry

13 February 2019

Systemic Failings and Cancer Services

Yesterday’s MailOnline featured Julie O’Connor and her family describing failings in care and delays in diagnosis which led to her untimely death at the age of 49 from cervical cancer. In her latest blog, Bridget Hughes, Senior Associate, Clinical Negligence discusses the link between poor care and systemic failure. 

Bridget Hughes

8 February 2019

The Moral Obligation to Learn from Mistakes

The article in yesterday’s Times “when it comes to NHS negligence, prevention is better than cure – the NHS has a new strategy for tackling claims” is good news.  Claimant lawyers will be able to argue with force that the “compensation culture” really is a myth given that the statistics show that formal litigation for medical negligence cases fell in the past year.

Kate Rohde

30 November 2018

Welcome guidance from the Each Baby Counts report

The account from Nicki Lyon in the Times earlier this month, in the article entitled “Baby deaths: “We were told it was just one of those things” is devastating to read however, to medical negligence specialists whose job it is to hold the healthcare providers to account and secure damages to assist with the future care of birth injured children, it is an all too familiar story.

Kate Rohde

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