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24 June 2019

Can I bring a medical negligence claim for my child?

Bringing a legal claim on behalf of a child who has been injured because of medical negligence can seem a daunting prospect. Suzanne Farg, Senior Associate answers some of the first questions that parents have when thinking about bringing a claim for their child.

Suzanne Farg

28 May 2019

Improving patient safety by learning from mistakes: The Cappuccini Test

At 100 Aldersgate in the City, last week, I experienced one of the most satisfying moments of my career.  I was with the family of Frances Cappuccini as a guest of the Royal College of Anaesthetists to hear Dr David Bogod’s lecture about a test he has developed. The test seeks to prevent recurrence of the events that led up to Frances’s death and is named after her.

Kate Rohde

24 May 2019

Spinal Surgery Complications – A Change in the Law?

A recent court decision is causing a stir amongst medical negligence lawyers.  The first instance decision in Pomphrey v Secretary of State for Health and North Bristol NHS Trust dated 26 April 2019 looks at first blush as if it has changed the principles laid down by Chester v Afshar, which itself was a landmark decision of the House of Lords.

23 April 2019

Requesting Medical Records after a death - Getting started

Losing a loved one when you think it may be because they received poor medical care is incredibly stressful at a time when family and friends are grieving their loss.  Often, people want to see a written record of the final days of their loved one and what happened to them, or they might want to go through years of records to ascertain whether there was diagnosis that may have been missed, such as cancer.

Punam Sood

18 April 2019

NHS Resolution now covering claims against GPs: Possible benefits to patients

Since 1 April 2019, GPs have been covered by the government’s insurance scheme. This means that clinical negligence claims against GPs relating to NHS work will now be handled by NHS Resolution. In this article, Christopher Boughton discusses why this will hopefully benefit patients.

Christopher Boughton

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