Personal injury

25 July 2018

Settlement of Medical Negligence Claims

As solicitors who represent seriously injured children and adults in clinical negligence claims, we are aware that, while Claimants need access to compensation, they may be worried by the prospect of a trial. 

Suzanne Farg

14 February 2018

Will Oxfam and other charities face legal claims for sexual abuse?

This might be a legal minefield, but it should not be an ethical one.  

Terrence Donovan

13 February 2018

FAQs: Compensation for victims of crime

For many of those affected by crime, reporting the offence to the police or even securing the conviction of the perpetrator can fall short of remedying the damage sustained. It may be that the injury and trauma are so severe that additional funding is required for medical care, household adjustments, or even future therapy.

Katherine Galza

25 January 2018

Personal Injury and Medical Negligence Limitation Period

If you or someone you care about are considering making a claim for compensation, it is important to be aware of the time limit within which you have to do so. This time limit is known as the ‘limitation period’. 

23 January 2018

Medical Negligence & Personal Injury quarterly newsletter - 4th quarter 2017

The final quarter of 2017 continued to be an active one within the field of medical negligence.  Consultations and Parliamentary reports continued to flow.  The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) produced a report on 1 December 2017 stating that the government was continuing to be complacent in relation to learning from mistakes from clinical negligence claims.  There has been a quadruple increase in the cost of clinical negligence which PAC attribute to the failure to identify key re-occurring mistakes and learning from those mistakes.  The committee advocated a shift from the current NHS "defensiveness" position to a learning from mistakes culture.

Richard Lodge

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