13 January 2020

Acknowledging uncertainty in diagnosis can assist patients (and could avoid Medical Negligence claims)

All of our specialist medical negligence lawyers have heard Clients (who, by definition, are patients or family members of patients who have had unsatisfactory medical outcomes) say that their story wasn’t heard, they were not talked to, or, that they were not involved in the thought process that led to their diagnosis and treatment.

Kate Rohde

9 January 2020

The dangers of Sepsis

We recently heard first-hand about the life-saving work being undertaken by the UK Sepsis Trust.  As part of its programme to raise awareness, the Trust provided a compelling presentation to a large audience at Kingsley Napley.

Suzanne Farg

17 December 2019

New Year’s wish: room to think for the NHS

Matt Morgan’s short piece in the BMJ this week [link] “doctors’ messes are not just about food” talks about how a place where staff can meet, talk, eat, solve problems and socialise privately are a thing of the past. 

Kate Rohde

12 December 2019

What happens when medical treatment hurts a bit more than it should?

I have just finished reading Adam Kay’s brilliant memoir “This is Going to Hurt”.  Adam was a junior doctor who specialised on obstetrics, and his book is very funny, and very moving.  He talks about the physical and emotional exhaustion, and the terrible responsibility of knowing that although obstetrics is mostly about safe outcomes for both mum and baby, there will inevitably be some cases that result in catastrophe such as maternal death, or children with cerebral palsy.

Terrence Donovan

12 December 2019

Coronation Street delves into the legal problems of the GP Good Samaritan

Coronation Street character Dr Ali Neeson recently found himself facing a clinical negligence claim following his failure to diagnose appendicitis.

Shannett Thompson

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