21 October 2013

After the FMLM conference - what now?

Judging by the Twitter feeds (trending on Tuesday!) we were not the only ones inspired and motivated by the FMLM conference in Edinburgh this week.  It is rare to enjoy such informed and interested debate and to be surrounded by so many from all levels of the medical profession and from outside it,  coming together to examine and encourage change, in action and approach, to improve the lives and experience of patients and staff within the National Health Service.  

29 May 2013

Pilot of fixed costs scheme for clinical negligence claims

Suzanne Farg discusses the NHSLA's proposed pilot of fixed costs scheme for clinical negligence claims.

Suzanne Farg

2 May 2013

Criticisms of the Court of Protection – are they justified?

In an article of 28 April 2013, the Daily Mail continues its campaign against the perceived inefficiencies and failings of the Court of Protection.  Simon Hardy discusses this article and helps demystify the Court of Protection. 

Simon Hardy

19 October 2012

Clinical Negligence claims: The argument for being able to instruct your own expert

Kate Rohde discusses the recent developments in the joint instruction of medical experts in clinical negligence cases to help lower costs.

Kate Rohde

8 October 2012

Inquests in cases of medical negligence - signs of improvement?

Scott Lister discusses how proposed changes will improve the coronial system, demonstrate more understanding of families’ needs and provide consistency throughout the service.

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