4 November 2016

When the A&E computer says “no”

Most of us at some point have made our way to an A&E department unable to wait until the next day to see our GP. You may be suffering from unbearable toothache or require stiches to your finger after cutting yourself badly when drilling a hole in your wall to hang this amazing photograph you just bought in IKEA on a late Sunday afternoon.

28 October 2016

The scar separating men and women

The purpose of the law is to minimise inequalities, and create a single platform where we all stand together on the same level. This could include differences between gender, age, disabilities, race, religion and sexual orientation. However, though the theory is valid, in one area, we are still practicing discrimination as if it is the norm.

13 October 2015

The ‘Weekend Effect’ – How to avoid dying in hospital

A recent study has produced findings which suggest that patients are more likely to die if admitted to hospital on a weekend.

The study, authored by researchers from University Hospital Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust and University College London and published in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, examined the effect of hospital admission day on death rates across NHS England hospitals for 2013-2014. The results confirm findings from an analysis they undertook for 2009-2010.

Katie Allard

15 September 2015

Clinical Negligence - fix the costs and you load the die

You may have seen the recent press coverage relating to the government’s plan to consider introducing fixed recoverable costs for personal injury claims involving clinical negligence worth up to £250,000. There is an underlying premise that this will save the NHS money at the expense of ‘greedy’ lawyers. I find it frustrating that the approach and behaviour of NHS Defendants (which drive up Claimant costs) has so far been overlooked. Additionally, I question the impact that fixed costs would have on injured Claimants’ access to justice.

15 July 2015

Injured abroad whilst on holiday? A modern take on the story of David & Goliath

In an earlier blog, Children unlawfully killed in Corfu hotel - should Thomas Cook be compensated?, I talked about how helpful the Package Travel Regulations are, but unfortunately they don’t always apply.

A client of mine was involved in a very serious road accident in Egypt.  She was travelling in a desert safari tour (which had been organised by her hotel) when the vehicle inexplicably left the road.  Her husband was one of two people to die in the accident, and she herself received serious injuries. 

Terrence Donovan

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