25 July 2018

Settlement of Medical Negligence Claims

As solicitors who represent seriously injured children and adults in clinical negligence claims, we are aware that, while Claimants need access to compensation, they may be worried by the prospect of a trial. 

Suzanne Farg

11 January 2018

Meningitis C Vaccine – Should the Government change the vaccination age?

Meningitis is a life-threating infection. It strikes very quickly and unless it is treated promptly there can be devastating consequences including death, severe brain damage, loss of hearing and vision, and when septicaemia (blood poisoning) also occurs, which is often the case, this can lead to amputation of limbs. 

Sevim Ahmet

13 December 2017

CPotential’s Inaugural Gala Dinner: another great event

CPotential’s inaugural fundraising gala dinner took place at the Bloomsbury Ballroom in London.  My colleague, Kate Rohde, and I went along as guests of their CEO, the indefatigable Jo Honigman.  

Bridget Hughes

6 December 2017

Failure to advise a potential carrier of a hereditary condition: what can be claimed when a disabled child is born as a result?

The recent High Court case of Meadows v Khan has considered under what circumstances a claim can be brought for the failure to identify that someone is potentially a carrier of a hereditary condition and that person goes on to have a child who suffers from the hereditary condition and other disabilities.

Suzanne Farg

24 November 2017

A short guide to the accommodation conundrum

For those hoping for confirmation of what approach the judiciary is going to take now that JR is settled, sadly, this blog cannot provide that. However, this blog does take stock of the current situation, looks at how we got here and tries to offer some insight into where we might be going.  

Christopher James

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