7 July 2017

#IamSuperHuman – Fighting the stigma of “Disability”

I hate the word “disabled”. Just take a moment and really think about what this word means. I bet you would associate it with words such as “unable”, “weak” and “incapable”. It has such a negative meaning and as a society, we use this as a label. However, imagine if we were to change this label to something positive. For example, instead of “disabled”, let’s use “Super Human”. I bet you now think of words such as “strong”, “exceptional” and “heroic”. Disabled people are all these characteristics and much more, and here’s why…..

12 April 2017

‘Gross failings’ by medical staff lead to another child fatality from sepsis – is enough being done to stop this happening again?

Last week it was ruled by a coroner that failures by an NHS hospital caused the death of a 5-year old boy from sepsis, raising fresh concerns that despite a nationwide awareness campaign, the condition is still not being spotted or treated early enough by doctors. 

Maeve Keenan

15 February 2017

The importance of a roof over your head (is it time to revisit Roberts v Johnstone?)

At Kingsley Napley we specialise in high value claims. Any life changing condition, such as a spinal injury or cerebral palsy, may mean that the Claimant’s home is not suitable for their needs. As part of the case we will look very carefully at the Claimant’s current home situation and with the help of experts, evaluate whether it is appropriate for the needs of the Claimant. 

Kirsty Allen

2 December 2016

Thousands of low income families with disabled children were paid too little in tax credits

The story that broke last week that thousands of low income families with disabled children were paid up to £4,400 too little in tax credits (after data was not shared between the authorities) is pretty shocking

Kate Rohde

6 October 2016

Kingsley Napley celebrates World Cerebral Palsy Day 2016

World Cerebral Palsy (CP) Day recently took place on 5 October 2016.  To mark the occasion, members of the Kingsley Napley Clinical Negligence team attended an event hosted by the London Centre for Children with Cerebral Palsy (a World CP day partner). 

Suzanne Farg

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