GMC Student Fitness to Practise

“It’s my penultimate year at medical school. I thought that I was on the home straight with the end in sight, but now find myself on the cusp of losing everything I’ve worked for..."

"It happened on a night out. My friends and I wanted to let our hair down at the end of term. I cannot remember much about what happened. All I know is that I got way too drunk and, at the end of the night, ended up in a fist fight with a guy outside the chip shop.

The police attended and I spent the night in the cells. I cannot describe how relieved I felt when I was informed that no charges were going to be brought against me. Then the bombshell: my medical school told me that, despite the fact that the police had taken no further action, there was to be an investigation to consider the impact of my conduct on my fitness to practise. I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t bear to tell my parents, so I just bumbled my way through the investigation process and hoped for the best.

The investigation is now complete and I have a letter setting out the Investigator’s findings. It has been decided that, on the balance of probabilities, my fitness to practise is impaired. The behaviour on that night is considered to be so serious that it calls into question both my ability to continue on my medical course and also my fitness to practise as a doctor after graduation. The case will be referred to a Fitness to Practise Panel. I don’t know what to do.”

You’ve studied for years to become a doctor; your GCSE’s, your A’ Levels and the past five years of toil have all been geared towards that goal. We appreciate just how daunting this situation must be for you. We have a wealth of experience acting for doctors and medical students who, just like you, stand to lose it all. Regardless of what Medical School you are at, we have the expertise to guide you through the Student Fitness to Practise process, explaining the process to you, assisting you in your preparation for the hearing and advising on the merits of appealing the decision if a finding is made against you and a sanction imposed.

For a confidential discussion, please contact John Harding 


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