Fraud investigation following a whistleblower’s allegations

We recently worked alongside a City law firm to advise a major PLC in connection with a SFO investigation. A whistleblower had made allegations of bribery by UK employees of foreign officials, widespread fraud on customers and participation in a cartel. 

Due to the high profile of the company and the sensitive nature of their business, a swift and discreet approach was essential. We liaised with the SFO and secured their agreement to our conducting an internal investigation into the matters raised. The City firm took the lead in respect of the cartel allegation while we investigated the bribery and fraud allegations. 

Working closely with a client team reporting to the Board, we secured electronic and hard copy evidence, reviewed and analysed a huge quantity of material and interviewed relevant witnesses. Six weeks later, we reported our findings to the Board and to the SFO. No enforcement action was taken against our client.

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