Forgery of a Will

Our clients’ mother died unexpectedly in her 40s. Under a will she had made in the early 2000s, her entire estate was to go to our clients, her two children. A few months after her death, the mother’s boyfriend (the defendant) produced a homemade will, allegedly signed by our clients’ mother a few months before she died and which left her entire estate to the defendant.

We made independent investigations and obtained over 20 genuine signatures for comparison to the signature on the will. We instructed a forensic handwriting expert who concluded that the signature on the will had not been written by our clients’ mother. We set out our claim that the will was a forgery and the parties settled the case at a pre-action mediation. The defendant conceded that the entire estate, worth in excess of £1.5 million, would pass to our clients under the earlier will, together with a payment by the defendant towards our clients’ legal costs.

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